Thursday, October 11, 2012

Presenting probably the most asinine reason to oppose marriage equality

There is an old adage which says give a man enough rope and he will hang himself. In the case of the audio above, I think the adage should be give a bigot enough space and watch her make a fool of herself. With that, I present to you NOM's Jennifer Morse with possibly the dumbest reason EVER to oppose marriage equality. And I think it says more about her biases as a person than marriage equality itself.

Hat tip to Equality Matters

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'Anti-gay teacher resigns after controversy' and other Thursday midday news briefs

N.J. high school teacher who made anti-gay comments on web resigns - Remember Viki Knox, the teacher who got into trouble for criticizing a pro-gay display at her school and whom NOM was canonizing as a martyr. Well as it turns out, she has resigned and this article includes other portions of the story which NOM omitted. She may have been making outrageous charges against lesbian and gay teachers.  

Anti-Gay Strategist Feigns Ignorance About Campaigns’ Harms - Frank Schubert, the NOM mastermind of the "gays want to harm children" lie doesn't think that the claim doesn't harm anyone. Schubert's sister, by the way, is a lesbian raising children. 

 Maryland Marriage Alliance head: Gay families 'not God's best' - And they are bashing gay families again.  

Happy National Coming Out Day…messages from Harvey Milk - After all of that ugly news, let's get some inspiration. 

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Pastor - if you vote for Obama, you deserve your misfortune

According to Right-Wing Watch, Bishop Harry Jackson preached a blistering sermon telling folks that if they vote for President Obama, they are voting against God and deserve any misfortune they get.


Listen to me Black Christian. You are foolish enough to vote against the God that brought you out of slavery, the God that brought you out of the civil rights thing. Just because somebody’s skin is black, you’re gonna support an anti-God, anti-Gospel agenda -- no wonder you can’t get a job. If you celebrate your race over grace you ought to do badly. God is spanking you right now. And I got news, you heard it right here, the folks that sign onto this now and support the president right now in this will find that their best days are behind them….Four more years of Barack Obama will ensure an aggressive anti-Christian spirit that has currently grabbed hold of the administration and this country. Beware my Christian friend, you should not vote for Barack Obama 

Naturally one of the reasons he mentioned has to do with President Obama's support of gay equality. Jackson's sermon was his participation in an event called Pulpit Freedom Sunday, in which religious right groups encourage pastors to endorse or rebuke candidates in the pulpit.

If Jackson was a true Christian, he should talk about something more important, like how the influence of money can taint everyone.

Of course he wouldn't and the irony is that particular sermon would relate to him.

Remember, Jackson, has already received a grand total of $80,000 from the National Organization for Marriage for his efforts against marriage equality.

So my guess is that when he preached this sermon, his eyes wasn't on God, but his bank account.

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