Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BREAKING - Anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins officially endorses Ted Cruz

According to Media Matters,Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council just endorsed Ted Cruz for president.:

And in case you need a reminder, that's Tony Perkins, who once said that gays are the pawns of Satan:

And his group, the Family Research Council, called a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its deliberate spreading of lies about the lgbt community:

Again I say that Donald Trump as president is a scary thought because he is a bloviating clown in over his head.

Ted Cruz is scarier because of whose support he eagerly garners. If he becomes president, the only thing lgbts will be able to decide is how deep in the closet will he shove us all. Or maybe he will make the decision for us. Either way, it's NOT a good thought. Resting on our laurels after winning marriage equality would be a mistake because the @#^! just got real.

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FL pastor - gays are stalking, murdering children who won't have sex with them

For those who think that our victory in winning marriage equality last year means a nice shift in the so-called culture war, the following item from my friend Joe Jervis should tell you otherwise:

The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee today postponed until next week its hearing on SB 120, a comprehensive LGBT anti-discrimination bill. The committee ran out of time because it first heard public comments on SB 110, which as written would allow businesses to refuse to serve LGBT customers. Speaking in support of the bill were a slew of haters and alleged ex-gays, including a local pastor who recounted the 2008 murder of a Fort Lauderdale high school student by her childhood friend. According to the pastor, the slain girl “was not of a homosexual nature” and was killed when the other girl’s advances were rejected. The pastor went on to claim that homosexual potential killers are stalking Christian children in the hallways of schools all over Florida. “They are very forceful and they are very demanding towards those of a Godly nature,” he declared. Watch below. By a 7-3 vote down party lines SB 110 was approved for advancement to the full Senate 

You can gripe and call this pastor every name in the book, but it won't do any good. Until we take the time to demand a conversation on anti-gay propaganda and yank homophobes from behind whatever religion they hide their bigotry, expect to hear stuff like this over and over again.

Like a dog chasing its tail.

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