Tuesday, January 26, 2016

'Tenn. marriage equality supporters stop anti-gay proposal for now' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Some in a Tenn. county aren't happy with anti-gay proposal

Hundreds Of Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Shut Down County Commission Meeting Over Anti-Gay Proposal - No screaming, no rude shouting. Just showing up in large numbers to show that you mean business sometimes is just enough.
 This Is What It's Like To Have A Trans Parent - Exposing people to good information and education always eradicates ignorance.  

Mat Staver: Gays Are Imposing A 'Jizya' Tax On Christians In America - To the unaware, a "jizya" is merely Staver's way to combine homophobia with Islamophobia. Ridiculous concept but he is trying mighty hard.

Democrats And Republicans Unite To Support LGBT Rights In West Virginia

Bill prohibiting discrimination against LGBT gains GOP support - How's this for a double miracle? Bills supporting lgbt rights is gaining bipartisan support in two states - Florida and West Virginia.

Portugal's outgoing president vetoes gay adoption bill - Booooooo!

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