Monday, December 12, 2022

Crowds who protest 'Drag Queen Story Hour' are made up of ignorant people with empty lives

The nonsensical controversy about Drag Queen Story Hour and kids has been created by a bunch of clout chasing, hateful, money-drooling wannabe influencers who rely on personal ignorance and prejudices to make names for themselves.

And these losers feed off of a larger bunch of losers who have false preconceived notions of drag queens and LGBTQ people in general. No matter how "tolerant" they claim to be, they choose to see our ENTIRE lives in the shadow of sexual intercourse.  And thus everything about our culture has to do with sexual intercourse. In their eyes, that is. 

Our desire to date, get married, be fairly treated at our places of employment, public areas, the techniques and the culture we've created to survive their decades of ignorance - all of that gets crushed, whittled down, and reduced to risque bits about sex, sex, sex.

That's neither our fault nor concern. It's their fault and if they were reasonable adults, they would handle their ignorance in a mature manner instead of throwing tantrums simply because LGBTQ people will not dissect our lives in accordance to their wishes and illusions of entitlement.

Other than innuendoes given to them, i.e. clipped videos and pictures taken out of context, I doubt they have actually been to or seen a Drag Queen Story Hour event. That is other than protesting outside with their signs, their guns, and dime store military paraphernalia, which are nothing more than sad attempts to fill the emptiness in their pathetic lives by pretending that they are doing something noble like "saving children."

The video above is what  actually happens at a Drag Queen Story Hour event.

Shocking, isn't it? Or not.

Drag Queen Story Hour is a perfectly innocent event enjoyed by kids AND their parents. The controversy about Drag Queen Story Hour isn't coming from the drag queens or books they are reading. It's coming from the sad sacks attempting to profit monetarily and spiritually from disrupting the event.

Seems to me that if they found a more honest way to make money or actual fulfillment in their lives, they would stop bothering Drag Queen Story Hour.

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