Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Peter LaBarbera is getting BORING

(If you can't see the video on this blog, then go here.)

I can't believe I am saying that but it's true.

Peter LaBarbera has become boring.

When a one note performer continues to act in the same manner, he becomes routine and ordinary.

And this fits our friend Peter LaBarbera to a tee.

His second foray in youtube is probably worst than his first in that it gives huge spotlight on his drawbacks as a suitable spokesperson for the religious right.

Peter likes to go for shock even to the point of creating faux shock out of ridiculous situations.

One tip, Peter - if you are trying to turn heterosexual men against gay pride parades than don't show cute women allegedly showing their boobs. I say allegedly because the "shocking footage" is blotted out.

Also, if you are going to interpose pictures of children next to "offensive events," at least make it look less fake.

By the way, LaBarbera has left the ratings and comments up. Feel free to take advantage.


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Tuesday midday news briefs

Ignoring Perez from this point forward: Who's in? - I'm in! I've been in that camp for a while. And it is just goes to show how out of it The Advocate is for putting that child on the cover. First "Is Gay the New Black," now this mess. No wonder the lgbt community is having a hard time getting what we need when those we trust as our news gatherers are concerned with trifling bullshit like Pereze Hilton. Does The Advocate have a clue?

From the Editor: Why Perez? - If you are as pissed as I am by what The Advocate did, check out the video from its editor and register your opinion. Blah, blah, blah about the first amendment. The Advocate has a responsibility to move the lgbt forward and give us the tools we need for survival. Focusing on a immature, ignorant, bottom-feeding gossip columnist does nothing for the lgbt community.

NARTH Publishes Fake “Study” In A Fake “Journal” - Meanwhile those who are doing serious work for the lgbt community are steadily working behind the scenes to debunk the lies of the religious right.

Time article mulls connection between slain sailor's murder to queasiness over repealing DADT - Another more important cover story that The Advocate will probably miss.

End for HIV Travel Ban - Well at least this story is touched on in The Advocate.

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An African-American Christian mother pens book on accepting her gay son

This story is a perfect example of just what we are missing when we make assumptions about the acceptance or lack of acceptance of lgbts in the black community. Deon Davis, a Christian woman in Florida has written and self-published a book chronicling how her child came out and how she grew to accept him as he is:

"I learned that our children have feelings, that the parent is not always right. I learned that the hard way," she says. "I'm learning all this through the blessing of Rashad being gay."

Now Davis is on a mission. She spent $1,300 to self-publish "I'll Find a Way: A Mother's Journey of Love and Acceptance for Her Gay Son" and is working tirelessly to promote it.

A sad but interesting part of the article tells about how lgbt children like Rashad are not accepted by their own families. Davis talks about several incidents where these children have been thrown out of their homes. Rashad talks about what his father refusing to accept him being gay:

Rashad's friends have spent many hours at Davis' home and she's often appalled by how their parents treat them. One father beat his gay son so badly, the boy was covered with bruises.

Another of Rashad's friends stayed with Davis for a week after his father threw him out. "He got kicked out because he was gay," she says. "This child was the smartest thing ever!"

A third friend "was living on the streets and selling his body," Davis says. "A 4.0 grade point average and he just got kicked out."

Rashad, who recently graduated from Piper High School in Sunrise, Fla., says his own father won't accept that he's gay.

"At my graduation, he told me he'd give me $1,000 if I'd get a girl pregnant," Rashad says. "He said he'd rather me go to prison for 20 years for drugs than be gay."

This is an excellent article about a mother who is not only accepting her gay son, but also educating folks on lgbt youth.

I wish Ms. Davis all of the success in the world.

The entire article is here.

Big hat tip to Box Turtle Bulletin for bringing the article to my attention.

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