Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks 'gyrating drag queens' are 'sexualizing' kids into thinking that they are transgender

Marjorie Taylor Greene obsesses about 'gyrating drag queens'

"Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made a fool out of herself in the halls of Congress" is an evergreen statement. This particular time, however, is extra special. On Tuesday, she proposed a nationwide ban on gender-affirming therapy for trans kids (don't worry cause it's not going anywhere for now).

From Raw Story

While proposing a new nationwide ban on gender-affirming care for minors, the conspiracy theory-promoting Georgia congresswoman accused transgender Americans of being part of a sinister plot to sexualize American children. "We have had enough with drag queen shows in elementary schools and middle schools and high schools!" she raged. "We have had enough of drag queens gyrating in front of children and the public square! These groomers and child predators must be stopped because they are sexualizing children for profit in a multibillion dollar medical industry that looks to grow and grow!" Greene then claimed that the entire concept of being transgender went against the Bible on the grounds that God's design of human beings was purportedly infallible.

So, if I were to follow Greene's bizarre and psychotically warped implication, "gyrating drag queens" are part of a  plot to "sexualize kids" into thinking that they are transgender. After the "sexualizing," they are then ripe to be victimized via irreparable surgeries by a soulless and greedy medical industry for billions.

I would make a wisecrack about getting a cut of the proceeds, but instead I can't help wondering what the f@k were those people in Georgia smoking when they voted Greene into office?

Seriously though,  we should ask ourselves how many other folks on her side of the aisle have the same mindset even if they aren't voicing it as vigorously or as insanely as Greene.

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