Friday, July 15, 2011

Know Your LGBT History - All in the Family: Cousin Liz

This is the second All in the Family episode which has been featured in Know Your LGBT History. The first one had to deal with stereotyping gay men.

This episode deals with Archie and Edith going to a cousin's funeral and wake. During this event, Edith finds out that she may be getting a family heirloom - the cousin's valuable silver tea set.

However, her deceased cousin's roommate reveals to Edith why she wants the tea set. Apparently she and and Edith's cousin were partners and that tea set is a memento of their relationship.

Edith has no problem giving up the tea set. But Archie does and he threatens to sue, thereby endangering the woman's teaching job. Edith, however, steps in with the sensitivity which made her character so loved and takes care of the situation.

Not only one of the best episodes of All in the Family, but one of the best portrayals of our community from K. Callan as Liz's partner.

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