Thursday, January 19, 2017

'LGBT advocates plan push back against Trump Administration' & other Thur. midday news briefs

LGBT advocates plan to ‘defy’ Trump - Oh yeah. WHEN Trump doesn't do us right (because it's not an "if" but a "when"), the brother gonna be in trouble.   
Wow. Indiana Republican Actually Blocks Anti-Transgender Bill - This happened on the 16th, but it's still amazing particularly when one hears the reason. State Representative Cindy Kirchhofer said more focus was needed on state's opium and heroin epidemic, i.e. she felt there are more important and pressing things to focus on rather than discriminating against the transgender community. Yeah, I know. Common sense from Mike Pence's state. Wow!  

Oklahoma considers extreme pro-discrimination ‘religious liberty’ bill - Oh fun, fun, fun!

Jesse Lee Peterson: Obama Commuted Chelsea Manning’s Sentence Because He Has A ‘Weakness’ For Gay And Transgender People - Dear white gay folks. THIS is our real life "Uncle Ruckus." 

 11 Heartwarming And Hilarious Stories About LGBT Parents Coming Out To Their Kids - I once had a boyfriend with three daughters who probably knew before he even told them. Thank goodness they never called me "Uncle Alvin."

Obama proud of his LGBT legacy, credits the 'individual activists'

Yesterday in his final press conference as president, Obama said that he is proud of the legacy his Administration has in the cause of lgbt equality and credited individual activists for what they did to help move the needle forward.

That's right. Under Obama, we worked hard and gained a lot. And we will keep what we gained in spite of Trump and the ugly horde he brings with him. Don't waste time despairing. Now is the time to remember who we are and whose shoulders we are standing on.