Sunday, April 17, 2022

Videos - Kids meet a drag queen, a transgender soldier, and a gay conversion therapy survivor

All of smears and lies about LGBTQ people supposedly grooming kids got me thinking. What exactly would happen if young kids were educated about LGBTQ people, parts of our culture, and our lives. What would happen if they were allowed to talk to LGBTQ people and ask questions? No matter what the opposition says, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with someone's fevered imagination about sex.  Nor does it have anything to do with with grooming, indoctrination, or recruiting. Folks may get all up in arms and scream 'let kids be kids,' but don't fall for it.

The videos below are incredibly simple and prove that the slogan 'let kids be kids' is a useless misnomer which doesn't denote truth but instead caters to an absolutely ignorant idea of childhood. In talking to kids about LGBTQ people and our issues, you are in fact allowing them to be kids. You are answering their questions, dispelling myths, and then allowing them to process the information. That's how they grow to become responsible adults.