Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Congratulations to all of the Maryland couples who got married! You earned this!

NOM's Top Ten Failures of 2012

After reading this list, I bet Brian Brown of NOM really cried!

Happy New Year! Now wake your drunk behinds up!

Seriously, let's start 2013 on a positive note thanks to Carlos Maza of Equality Matters. He has counted down the National Organization for Marriage's Top Ten Failures of 2012. I am especially proud of Failure Number Two, seeing that I played a role in publicizing it:

10. New Hampshire Repeal Effort

9. Another Failed Thanksgiving Video

8. Shrinking Donors

7. Gallagher Gets Called Out On MSNBC

6. New York Elections

5. The Failed Starbucks/General Mills Boycott

4. The Brian Brown/Dan Savage Debate

3. Undercover At NOM's Student Conference

2. Race-Baiting Memos

1. November 6