Friday, May 16, 2014

'Black pastors shake their powerless fists at marriage equality' & other Friday midday news briefs

Coalition Of Black Pastors Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage - Oh I'm shaking in my boots. There was a time when these pastors had power in the fight over marriage equality, but we have moved past the phase where we are attempting to persuade voters. We are in the courtroom phase and the only thing which matters there is truth. Not bombastic preachers.

AND, I might point out, if the black church is so much against marriage equality and lgbts in general, then how come it steals so much from gay men of color, like so: 

Now I am certainly not saying in any way that any person in the above video is gay. But I recognize a lot of black gay male influence in the choreography, mannerisms, and singing. And I know I am not the only one.

Top 10 Lies the Black Church Tells About Being Gay - And while we are on the subject, here is an old but all-the-time appropriate post from a good friend of mine.  

You Can Play Project's Wade Davis Working With St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam - Very good idea to reach out to Michael Sam's teammates.  

Top Catholic Bishop Says Church Should Consider Accepting Gays - God accepts us. Why can't the church? 

Liberty Counsel: Michigan Should Maintain Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Because Gay People Have Diseases [Updated] - The smell of homophobic desperation. I wonder if they used the "gay bowel syndrome" card.