Monday, June 11, 2018

Franklin Graham would rather rail on the trans community than comment on Jeff Sessions asylum block

So today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that there will be no asylum for people from foreign countries attempting to escape domestic or gang violence. One would think that the evangelical community would be up in arms about it. After all, they are so into exact interpretations of the Bible, which contains many verses admonishing folks to care for strangers.

Think again. Better yet, allow me to focus on one prominent evangelical leader, Franklin Graham. Do you think he has anything to say about this? Sometimes, simple tweets tell a sad, but pertinent message:

Hours later, no such luck:

'Andrew Garfield's Tony Awards speech takes on gay cake debate' & other Mon midday news briefs

Andrew Garfield’s Tony Awards Speech Takes On Gay Cake Debate - Of course the religious right would rather throw attention to Robert DeNiro's words about Trump, Andrew Garfield's words are a bit more appropriate to this blog, seeing that the Masterpiece decision is officially a week old.

  Adoption, Foster Care Agencies That Shun LGBTQ People Get Millions From Taxpayers - "You ain't nothing but a nasty dirty sinner. God doesn't love you and you're going to hell. Now gimme your money, bitch." - That line isn't in the article, but that's what the article makes me feel like what these "religious" adoption & foster care agencies are saying to me.

Patrisse Cullors On The ‘Legacy Of Queer Black Women’ This Pride Month - PREACH!! 

Indiana GOP scraps proposal to move away from Pence-era marriage equality opposition - All of that nasty symbolism. In spite of it all, we worked hard to gain the right to marry and we aims to keep it.

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