Friday, January 10, 2014

'Transgender teen charged after fighting back bullies' and other Friday midday news briefs

Hercules Transgender Teen Charged With Battery After Fighting Back Against Bullies - What kind of @$! is this? Violence of course is never the answer but sometimes you need to lay down the law in order for folks to leave you alone. The charges need to be dropped.

Obama administration will recognize Utah's same-sex marriages - This just came in. Good move by the Obama Administration!  

Al Qeada expanding because of—gay soldiers?! - Leave it to hate group leader Tony Perkins to somehow connect Al Qeada to allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military even when his connection makes no sense at all. 

BET Emails About Host B. Scott Suggest Network Didn't Want Him 'Looking Like A Woman' - A very hot controversy that's not getting headlines. I would tell you why but that will come later. 

Russian Orthodox Church Spokesman Endorses Referendum To Recriminalize Homosexuality - Oh bruuuthuur!  

NOM's Brown Pretends The Supreme Court Is Secretly On His Side - Brian Brown is spinning his talking points quicker than Diana Prince spins to turn into Wonder Woman. 

16 reasons why the Family Research Council is a hate group - A post I wrote in 2011 which continues to be popular because it's so pertinent to today.

Family Research Council fails civics lesson with statement against NM governor

FRC head Tony Perkins
Recently, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez publicly said she would not push for an amendment the state constitution outlawing marriage equality, which is legal in NM ever since that state's court ruled for it last month. Needless to say, the Family Research Council isn't exactly happy over Martinez's decision. FRC head Tony Perkins made the following incomprehensible comment:

Monday, Martinez handed the victory to New Mexico liberals on a platter, insisting that the state should focus on other issues like the economy and education reform. "I think what I said before was that yes, the people should have decided on it, but the Supreme Court has decided," she told reporters. "And now it's the law of the land."

Obviously, Governor Martinez needs a class in basic civics, because the court doesn't write the law -- legislators do. And it's absolutely indefensible that a leader who ran on a pro-marriage platform would renege on her word and silence constituents. If Governor Martinez won't do her job, then conservative clerks shouldn't have to perform theirs. Already county officials are resigning from their posts, making it clear that they would rather quit than issue same-sex "marriage" licenses.

It's safe to say that Perkins needs the civics lesson. While legislators write the law, it is the courts which decide whether or not the laws are fair. It's that little thing known as checks and balances.