Wednesday, October 02, 2013

'Newest Ex-Gay Awareness Month event another huge flop' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Clandestine Ex-Gay Awareness Event Accomplishes The Opposite - More details and pictures about the newest 'ex-gay' flop from Think Progress.

 Perkins criticizes law center - Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council again attacks the Southern Poverty Law Center, but as Jeremy Hooper notes, this time the article in question reveals more about Perkins than he would like America to know. 

 Meet The Anti-Gay Pastor Fueling Fox News’ Christian Persecution Complex - And of course neither Todd Starnes nor Fox News vetted this man before they use his claims of how gays are supposedly "persecuting" Christians.

Family Research Council puts out ridiculous self-congratulatory video

The Family Research Council has come out with a nauseatingly self-congratulatory video showcasing how the organization supposedly stands up for American values and the family:

But then there is this video which showcases a huge omission of FRC's true aim and agenda:


Nice try, FRC. But no matter how much sweet you attempt to make your homophobia sound, it still homophobia.