Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tea party-like distraction mess erupts on the floor of Congress

Not an lgbt issue per se, but still an important one.

So now the Republican party is not only encouraging the rudeness of tea party protestors, they are actually emulating them on the floor of Congress.

Regardless of how anyone feels about President Obama or his health care bill, there is no excuse for this type of behavior. What's next? Throwing punches?

More about what's going on here.

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Presenting the most stereotypically gay anti-government video EVER

The following video is courtesy of Youth Revolution, which calls itself:

The Voice of a Christian Generation

The group's webpage goes on to say:

Teens and “20 something’s” are on the frontlines of every cultural battle raging today, from secularism in schools to seductive advertising, and social networking to political correctness. Youth Revolution works through the church and youth ministries to better prepare them, through education, training and opportunity to make a difference for Christ in this momentous time.

Apparently this video comes from their efforts. It's a VERY INTERESTING take on how evil the government is by using the same old talking points of how it unfairly taxes people and steals their money.

But with a twist:

Actually VERY INTERESTING is an overstatement. This video is gayer than a drag queen doing a rendition of the number Rose's Turn from Gypsy (don't laugh. I know it by heart.)

According to Pam's House Blend:

YR's Executive Director is none other than Russell Johnson, Director of Governmental Affairs for the Focus on the Family/Family Research Council affiliate Family Policy of Institute of Washington. This is the local organization that helped funnel over $200,000 of James Dobson's Colorado money into Washington's Referendum 71 campaign.

I'm guessing that the star of the video, Tim Hawkins, probably feels that despite the criticisms he is sure to receive, there is no such thing as bad press.

Of course he doesn't because he has his web address plastered at the end of the video.

Maybe or maybe not, but to quote actor Will Smith in Men in Black:


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