Wednesday, April 08, 2015

What happens when you tell a stranger that you are transgender?

From Buzzfeed comes an interesting video on what happens when you tell a stranger that you are transgender:

Some in the comments section have pointed out that transgender men can be seen to be more accepted than transgender women. Certainly that is a belief which we need to have more debate about. But still, this is a very interesting video.

News brief special - Anti-gay right caught lying about 'bakeries' & love of 'religious freedom'

Dear Tony Perkins, a BAD liar is of use to no one.
Editor's note - We all know that the anti-gay right are being highly deceptive when they whine about how marriage equality and lgbt equality in general will harm 'religious freedom.' As luck would have it, two present incidents not only call attention to how they use deception to push this idea, but also begs the question just how much do they believe in 'religious freedom' in the first place. The following news briefs illustrate my point:

1. The first incident has to do with a Colorado bakery being found not guilty by the the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies of violating a potential customer's rights by refusing to put anti-gay messages on a cake. The bakery still served the potential customer and offered to sell him the equipment so he could put the message on the cake.

Now in the eyes of the anti-gay right, this is equivalent of not serving a customer for being an lgbt, a so-called right of 'religious freedom':

The "Religious Freedom" Case That Wasn't -- Right-Wing Media's Slippery Slope Argument Debunked - But as shown by Media Matters, that idea is a false equivalency. 

Cake Wars the Sequel - HOWEVER, this doesn't prevent those on the right, such as the fake news site, Breitbart and anti-gay personalities like Todd Starnes and the so-called Alliance Defending Freedom from exploiting the case via a false narrative. In the eyes of these folks, repetition is a wonderful substitute for truth.  

Stop. Lying. Tony. Perkins. - And of course where would this false narrative be without Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council? The lie he pushed in this tweet is simply SAD. Are you slipping, Tony. 

2. Now the second incident is rather simple. For all of their talk about protecting the 'religious freedom' of folks who believe that homosexuality is a sin, one wonders how does the anti-gay right feel about protecting the 'religious freedom' of those who do NOT think that homosexuality is a sin? 

Does one have to ask?: 

 Perkins: LGBT-Affirming Christians Committing 'Heresy' - Heresy? I haven't heard that word since last week when I watched the documentary on why Mary Tudor of England had over 280 people burned at the stake. Apparently they were "committing heresy."  

Barber & Staver: Baptist College President Must Be Fired For Allowing Lesbian Pastor To Speak On Campus - The only "religious freedom" Matt Barber and Mat Staver believe in is for their beliefs. Sad.

The entire point of today's news briefs is this - We have to do more. I get constantly frustrated because it seems that the lgbt community waits for the anti-gay right to define the narrative. And when they are being blatantly hypocritical, we don't capitalize on it.

The only reason why the anti-gay right gets away with a lot of the stuff they do is because we let them.  It's not enough to KNOW that the anti-gay right is lying or being deceptive. We have to let people know. We have to aggressively educate people on what's really going on in this so-called culture war.