Saturday, November 20, 2010

Megyn Kelly vs. Rachel Maddow - you decide who is the journalist and who is the #&^@

Megyn Kelly GQ Men of the Year Issue

This is Megyn Kelly of Fox News.  She was just selected one of  GQ magazine's news personalities of the year.

The interview is interesting. She brags about being on the number one news network, infers that sometimes Glenn Beck does misinform people, and does not think that President Obama is a Muslim.

Based on the comments below the piece, no one really cares about what she thinks.  My guess is that the photo took all of the attention.

Personally I tend to think that the photo is the beginning and end of her talents - a blond with nice breasts and long legs. I don't think of her as a real journalist.

Case in point is the ridiculous New Black Panther case she keeps pumping in an attempt to paint the Obama Administration as racist. Now Kelly hardly did any investigations but rather had the same guests on continuously to repeat the same mantra - without any concrete proof - that the Obama Administration is racist towards white people.

Now when she did have someone on who disagreed with this opinion - Kirsten Powers - this happened:

Now to add a bit of levity to the situation, here is how a real journalist, Rachel Maddow, handles an interview with someone she does not agree with:

Sex and stupidity sells, doesn't it. But sooner or later those with talent and aptitude always come out ahead. So keep pushing up your breasts and stretching those legs, Megyn.

They are the extent of your journalistic assets and they are going to get you only so far.

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