Thursday, December 30, 2021

'Transphobic author trying to get two teachers fired for supporting LGBTQ students' & other Thur midday news briefs

Discredited, transphobic author Abigail Shrier goes the extra mile to make life hell for LGBTQ kids.

Anti-trans author is petitioning to have two teachers fired for supporting LGBTQ students. - That vulgar Abigail Shrier is going too far with this mess. If she succeeds, it would send an ugly message to teachers supporting LGBTQ students. To say nothing of the attempt to strip our kids of the allies they would need in schools. 

 Who is Abigail Shrier? - My mother raised me right so I won't publicly give my opinion of who/what I think she is, but these past postings should give you the info you need: 

 In other news: 

LGBTQ youth in the South report poor mental health, study says - Probably because of people like Miss Thang above giving them all sorts of hell. 

21 most popular LGBTQ news stories of 2021 - As we do with every year, LGBTQ folks rocked 2021.