Sunday, September 02, 2012

Chuck Norris: 'Vote or Obama will GET YOU!'

I'm feeling extremely snarky tonight because of my desire to dropkick some sorry twink who claimed that "not many people are interested in the work that I do," i.e. my blog.

But to have slugged him would have been counterproductive and would have broken my nails, so I am going to take it out on my old friend, Chuck Norris.

I gave Chuck Norris hell earlier this year because of a lying column he wrote which defended foreign countries that persecute gays.

This video he made with his second wife,Gena O'Kelley, belongs in the comedy section of youtube.

In it, the two are talking sounding the old, broken down, overused claim of "our country is at a tipping point and will be destroyed if we don't make the right choices."

Now the two doesn't go into detail about what freedoms will be taken away, nor do they implicitly accuse Obama of being the one who will take the freedoms away.

But you just know what they are implying.

There is more hysteria in this video than in a Friday cliffhanger of Young and the Restless:

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Wayne Besen has a fiery debate with anti-gay activist

Truth Wins Out's Wayne Besen recently had a debate on the David Pakman show with anti-gay activist Michael Brown.

I think Wayne did rather well. The debate was over skype and his nervousness showed, but he definitely came with his A-game.

Brown, per usual, came with his "aw shucks" facade:

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