Thursday, December 15, 2022

GOP Congressman, Libs of Tik Tok busted for lie that Democratic representative defended pedophilia

 It's annoying how the GOP and conservatives are tainting so many debates and conversations by accusing people of being or defending pedophiles and "child groomers." That virus of stigmatization has even spread to the halls of Congress. 

Recently, GOP Rep Ron Jackson (TX) accused Democratic Rep Katie Porter (CA) of defending pedophilia:

Porter's comments were said on Wednesday at Capitol Hill hearing, "The Rise of Anti-LGBTQI+ Extremism and Violence in the United States."  And here is something which shouldn't be a shocker.

Jackson is lying. His tweet was blistered by several people including journalists, who said that he was deliberately mischaracterizing Porter's words.

Journalists such as Daniel Dale of CNN who provided a transcript of Porter's comments:

And by others who provided video footage:

While it is delightful to see Jackson being dragged on Twitter for such an egregious lie, the lie may have served its purpose. Several people are stubbornly defending Jackson on Twitter. In addition, Dale pointed out in another tweet how the infamous homophobic site Libs of Tik Tok is also spreading the lie:

It's what they do - take something out of context, spread a lie before the truth can come out, and then stubbornly reinforce the lie.

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