Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hate group leader gloats over SCOTUS temporarily upholding trans ban he helped to create

FRC's Tony Perkins is gloating now. He won't be later.

Leave it to Tony Perkins of  the Family Research Council to gloat about SCOTUS ruling of Trump's trans ban:

The U.S. Supreme Court announced today that it will allow the Trump administration’s transgender military policy to go into effect while litigation continues. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, a Marine veteran, released the following statement: 
“It’s refreshing to see the U.S. Supreme Court rein in lower court judges who are bent on telling the commander-in-chief how to run the military. Those charged with the difficult and complex work of keeping our nation safe cannot do their job with rogue judges injecting their personal opinions into every social issues case which reaches their courts. With different judges issuing these different opinions all over the country, our nation will quickly become paralyzed. There is a reason the Constitution so clearly explains that the president is the final authority on military policy. The Constitution grants judges no power to divert military resources away from preparing to fight wars and into social engineering. 
“There are literally hundreds of conditions or physical limitations disqualifying people from military service. Does that make the military exclusionary? Yes. But the Pentagon isn't in the business of equality. It's in the business of fighting and winning wars. Either the military's priority is protecting America -- or it's helping people on the path to self-actualization. It can't do both. 
“The U.S. Supreme Court is right to leave the responsibility for keeping our military strong and country safe where it belongs: with our commander-in-chief,” concluded Perkins.

Mr. Perkins should remember that SCOTUS did not rule on the merits of the ban, just the fact that it could be implemented while the lawsuits against it are going through the courts. Mr. Perkins should also be aware that we know that the reasoning for the ban is highly faulty and that he was one of  the parties involved in crafting it. Mr. Perkins and his hate group, as well the others involved in creating faulty reasoning for the ban, should be aware that the truth will come out about every lie, every bit of cherry-picked science, and junk science y'all used to create this monstrosity.

The country is going to know the low caliber of so-called morality groups and figures who have the audacity to smear transgender men and women fighting for their freedoms all while claiming to be Christian.

So I'm patient.  I'm pissed at how transgender men and women are being harmed and disrespected, but I'm not worried. Your brand, on the other hand, should be.

Don't forget to pin blame on Mike Pence for trans ban

VP Mike Pence is mostly responsible for Trump's transgender military ban

Supreme Court allows Trump’s ban on trans military members to go into effect - So this mess took place today. The ban is reinstated while lawsuits are moving forward through the courts. We will win this in the end. Let's not give up hope. But it should teach us the importance of elections and demanding that our issues and community be heard by potential candidates.

SCOTUS Lifts Two Injunctions Against Trump’s Trans Troops Ban—but the Policy Remains Blocked - Meanwhile, here is an interest take on today's ruling.

 Most importantly and above all, don't be so quick to bark at Trump that you fail to recognize the real culprit of the trans ban - Vice President Mike Pence. It was him, with anti-LGBTQ groups and figures, who crafted fraudulent reasoning for the ban. No doubt they will crow about the SCOTUS ruling, making sure to admit how they were involved at the beginning. 

The trans military ban is yet another example of the White House's cozy relationships with anti-LGBTQ hate groups

All the right-wing lies about Trump’s transgender military ban, debunked

Pence's actions here is in tune with the recent actions of his wife, 2nd Lady Karen Pence, i.e. her decision to associate herself with an anti-LGBTQ school.  We have a VP - and a 2nd Lady - who is targeting the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of the LGBTQ community through direct and passive aggressive actions designed to keep us locked into a second class status. And they are hiding behind the guise of  Christianity to do it. 

Mike and Karen Pence will continue to get away with it as long as we don't bring it to public attention. Loudly and aggressively.