Thursday, August 01, 2019

Anti-LGBTQ groups don't want children in same-sex families to see shows about themselves

The anti-LGBTQ industry fears same-sex families.
According to the Associated Press, there is a move to put more LGBTQ diversity in children's programming. The proponents of this say it is all about showing  that families exists in all forms, including those led by same-sex partners

Zeke Stokes, chief programs officer for the LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD, said the struggle for inclusion has become easier as a number of LGBTQ writers and producers have made their way into positions of influence, though they’re still a fraction overall. “What we’ve said to them all along is that we will lock arms with you and we will make sure that you hear from the families who are being impacted by this in a positive way,”
Stokes said of GLAAD’s work behind the scenes to support greater representation. “Not only have they heard from LGBTQ families but they’ve heard from other families who are like, yeah, my kid has a friend who’s LGBTQ or my friend goes over to his friend’s house and their parents are LGBTQ. This is not just something that impacts LGBTQ families. It’s really something that gets experienced by everyone in society.”

 It's not a bad idea because there are a lot of same-sex families in American society.  There is nothing wrong with children growing up in these families seeing their realities reflected in the shows they watch. But you know what happens when folks want to show fairness to same-sex families.

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