Monday, April 27, 2015

Video of NOM's march reveals hypocrisy, irony of homophobia

The following video are scenes from NOM's latest failed attempt at a #march4marriage, which was held on Saturday. Of course none of the arguments these folks are making could ever make sense in front of the Supreme Court.

To me, the grand irony is how these folks whine about being persecuted and ridiculed for their anti-marriage equality stance while at the same time denigrating lgbts and our lives. It's that duck and dodge which has become very popular amongst those who stand against marriage equality.

'Anti-gay freak out before SCOTUS arguments' & other Monday midday news briefs

How will SCOTUS rule on marriage equality?

CBS host introduces Tony Perkins as ‘anti-gay hate group’ leader: ‘You don’t speak for Christians’ - With my attention drawn to exposing the lie Family Research Council head Tony Perkins told on 'Face the Nation' yesterday, I made the mistake of not mentioning this awesome moment when Bob Schieffer called out Perkins before the interview. 

Christians: Stop letting hate control the conversation on LGBT equality! - A wonderful piece by my friend, David Shelton, admonishing other Christians to not let the anti-gay industry hog the debate and speak for them.  

Supreme Court’s Simple Marriage Case Questions Lead To Complex Arguments - Tomorrow is the DAY. SCOTUS will be hearing oral arguments on marriage equality. Some folks have taken it granted that we will win. I say I am taking NOTHING for granted. Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed gives an excellent analysis of the issues and questions at hand.  

Mat Staver: 'No Choice' But To Disobey Supreme Court Marriage Ruling - Oh please. What are you going to do? REFUSE to attend gay weddings? Fine with us.  

Pat Robertson: God Can 'Straighten Out' Your Gay Daughter At Summer Camp - Uh Pat . . . being at a place where you can go off in the woods with your possible same-sex significant other ain't gonna "straighten you out."  

29 Revealing Photos From This Weekend’s Anti-Gay March For Marriage - NOM held its annual poorly attended anti-marriage equality march Saturday. It wasn't attended by any Republican presidential candidates or legislators. Nonetheless, the signs were interesting. 

 We Can Talk About Bruce's Politics Without Ruining the Moment - Last week, Bruce Jenner became somewhat of a transgender icon. But his politics also makes him a conundrum.