Monday, November 05, 2018

Vote Blue on Tue for equality, fairness and to send a message to Trump evangelicals

The LGBTQ community will be voting for equality, fairness, & to send a message to these Trump evangelicals.

Those of us who will be voting blue will be voting for honesty and the integrity of our country. We will be voting to send a message that our leaders need to do better and not cower under the nonsense that Trump spews. We will be voting to say that Trumpism is vile poison.

 And we won't forget the enablers of Trumpism, i.e. the right-wing evangelicals. The so-called Christian and moral leaders (James Dobson, Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, Franklin Graham, the Alliance Defending Freedom, Robert Jeffress, etc. etc.) who traded the religious integrity they were supposed to uphold for power and White House access. Those leaders who weaponized the Bible and twisted it with  ease to make excuses for Trump or give him "mulligans" for his un-Christian behavior.

The LGBTQ community know these Trump evangelicals much more than we would like to.

In the 50s and 60s, they said we were perverts who ought to be jailed.  
In the 70s, they said we recruit children.
 In the 80s, they said we were diseased freaks who run around catching AIDS. 
 In the 90s, they said we wanted "special rights." 
 In the 2000s, they said we wanted to redefine marriage. 
 Now they claim we are trying to put Christians out of business and jail them.

And in the two years in which Trump has been in the White House, he has given them the power to make policy and has basically done their bidding to make our lives hell. From attempting to steal LGBTQ tax dollars and award them to entities which would still be allowed to discriminate against us to attempting to ban transgender men and women from serving in the military to attempting to erase the trans identity to attempting to erase all of us from the Census, Trump and his allies have done the LGBTQ community dirty. But on Tuesday, we can begin to collect the dues and pay back the attacks. We've always had power to stop them and tomorrow, we need to begin exercising that power by voting.

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