Thursday, February 11, 2021

'The One You Never Forget' - short film reminds LGBTQ people about the sweet innocence of a first date

When I was in 11th grade, I rocked my entire high school by getting a date to the prom before most of my peers were even worried about Christmas gifts. If you saw what I looked like back then, you would understand why everyone was shocked. Seeing that it was 1988 though, my date was not with another guy. Granted, my prom date was a nice girl and we had a good time, but looking back, I often wonder how things would have been had I been able to ask a guy to my prom. 

That memory and the fact that Valentine's Day is Sunday put me in the mood to show the above video about a 14-year-boy on his first date. It's nice for an eight minute video. While not the usual call-out on anti-LGBTQ tactics, it's a reminder of who we truly are in spite of attempts of some to muddy our lives. And our souls.

'Fox's Tucker Carlson and guest spread medical misinformation about trans youth' & other Thur midday news briefs


Fox’s Tucker Carlson and guest Abigail Shrier spread medical misinformation about trans youth - Trash is as trash does. But this is very dangerous because Carlson has a large viewing audience. 

Governor says transgender athletes will 'destroy women's sports' - It's not about protecting women's sports, just like it was not about baking a cake or 'protecting marriage.'