Monday, August 28, 2023

Listen to trans kids and their families instead of Matt Walsh, Ne-Yo, or Alice Cooper

Transphobia is some insidious shit. 

There is a 55 second clip from 2012 going around on Twitter featuring a trans child and her mother supposedly implying some pretty negative stuff about the child being confused and such. Granted, the folks pushing this mess don't know this family and don't care. Nor have they provided any recent footage.  It simply underscores just how much these culture zombies who chant "leave the kids alone" really don't give a damn about these kids or any other child.

It also underscores how the voices of trans kids and their families are being muffled or ignored.  Instead, most of the attention seems to be paid to bottom feeding bloodsuckers like Matt Walsh and Chaya Raichik, astroturfed right-groups, or celebrities such as rapper NeYo and Alice Cooper.  

And that last group just drives me insane.

What do NeYo and Alice Cooper know about gender-affirming care for trans kids?  How does being a simple rapper or rock star who sang about necrophilia while having a snake wrapped about his body qualify one to be an expert on gender-affirming care for trans kids? We need to hear more from these kids and their families instead of outsiders exploiting the issue for money and fame or celebrities who simply don't know what the hell they are talking about. 

Below are several videos featuring trans kids and their families. These video detail their journeys and talk about the difficulties they have getting the support and care they need.

Sorry if these videos aren't clipped and distorted. Sorry if they don't include some right-wing talking head from a fake medical group distorting statistics. Sorry if these videos don't include shocking pictures of medical procedures or lurid testimony from "former-trans" people with unvetted stories.  Sorry if these videos don't include statements from athletes who claim to want to talk about fairness but end up talking about naked people in locker rooms. Sorry if these videos don't include social media influencers hiding their perverted mindsets behind phony concern for kids.

Instead, these videos feature the folks who should be listened to first when it comes to trans kids and their needs.