Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Megachurch pastors whine that Equality Act is work of Satan

People ask - at times very angrily - why should those of us who care about LGBTQ equality give visibility and platforms to the anti-LGBTQ industry. The answer is very simple - because when we do, they generally prove all of our points about their motives and hateful or self-righteous attitudes.

Case in point are the following videos below. The Equality Act recently passed by the House would simply give federal non-discrimination protections to the LGBTQ community. However some folks disagree.

From Right Wing Watch:

Last week, right-wing pastors George and Terri Pearsons led their congregation at Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth, Texas, in prayer, calling on God to unleash an “emergency intervention” to stop passage of the Equality Act (H.R. 5) in Congress. Terri Pearsons, who is the daughter of megachurch pastor Kenneth Copeland, declared that those in Congress who support the Equality Act are “haters of God” and “haters of all that’s good” and are under the control of Satan.

To put it mildly, girlfriend flipped out.

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