Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Conservatives already labeling judge as 'bully'

Ryan T. Anderson
It begins.

Some conservatives are not happy with yesterday's deliberations in front of the US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals where state attorneys defending marriage equality bans in Wisconsin and Indiana got practically ripped by the three judge panel.

Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed called it "the most lopsided arguments over marriage bans at a federal appeals court this year . . ." while  I said we can expect to hear whining about "activist judges" spewing from the right.

I didn't know it would come this soon.

Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation has slowly but steadily become the new defender of marriage equality bans on a supposedly intellectual basis. He sent out the following tweet outlining a complaint about one of the judges:

Anderson's tweet was referring to Justice Richard Posner, a Reagan appointee who was the most aggressive in skewering the defenders of the marriage equality ban during yesterday's trial.

If the judges rule in our favor, I expect other besides Anderson will be pulling the "he was an activist bully" card against Posner. But what folks like Anderson mischaracterize (probably deliberately) as bullying is an adherence to facts and lack of patience for people with virtually no argument to support their point of view.

In other words, don't blame the judge because your argument is lousy.

'ESPN regrets report on Michael Sam's showering habits' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

ESPN ‘Regrets’ Report About Michael Sam’s Locker Room Showering Habits - Uh yeah. It was a dumb report.  

His other tactics failing, NOM president turns to anti-trans fear-mongering - For NOM President Brian Brown, "good values" always lie in finding the convenient scapegoat. 

Two Guys Are Traveling Across The United States To Photograph LGBT Families And Couples - This is a wonderful idea. 

McCrory Asked Not To Defend NC Gay Marriage Ban - McCrory would be wise to listen what happened yesterday in court to the defendants of marriage equality bans in Wisconsin and Indiana. It should be easy for him to make a decision then.

 Anti-Gay Pastor And Likely GOP Congressman Quotes Gay Icon, Pretends Thomas Jefferson Said It - And this guy WILL most likely be in Congress next year. Loooord . . .

'Gays want children' lie seems to never die

Yet another anti-gay group - this time, Truth in Action Ministries -pushing nonsense about how gays are supposedly "infiltrating schools" and "indoctrinating" students. And they are also pthrowing the "religious liberty" argument in the mix. But like every time in which the anti-gay folks push such nonsense, two realities are ignored - children who are lgbt and children from same-sex households.

The deliberate attempt to ignore the latter is something that always sticks in my craw. Do they think that children from same-sex households not attend public schools? Perhaps they think that these children are put in suspended animation during the day and are only thawed out when gay folks need photo ops or news footage in order to make the case for gay adoption.

Then again, never mind I said that. I don't want to give these folks ideas. They are so desperate for new material.

The fact of the matter is this - lgbt children and children from same-sex families attend public schools. That's a fact you cannot ignore. And their rights to speak and hear about themselves and see their families represented trumps any nonsensical argument drudged up to render them invisible.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.