Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Anti-gay publication pushes misleading headline on lgbt youth

We know that some anti-gay groups and spokespeople are so determined to demonize the lgbt community that they at times push cherry-picked studies or publish comments taken out of context.

But in the case of the American Family Association's One News Now, giving  one's own article a misleading headline has to be a first. The following is the body of the article:

The journal Pediatrics has released a study showing that homosexual and bisexual boys are using illegal steroids at a rate six times greater than heterosexual teens. The motivation is partly to improve their male physique and also to fend off bullying. 
 Dr. Andre Van Mol of the Christian Medical and Dental Association says physical dangers include liver damage, tumors, damaging the reproductive system and hormone-producing organs, and high blood pressure. Vol also cautions about 'roid rage, when people become aggressive after taking large doses, and taking several performance-enhancing drugs, known as "drug stacking." 
 "If these steroids are being purchased on the black market, which they quite often are," says Vol. "There's no guarantee of exactly what else might be in them or if they're actually steroids in the first place. So the toxicity risk becomes even greater at that point." The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a statement saying teens and steroids are a bad combination.

It reads like a standard story with no bias on behalf on One News Now, right? However, one wouldn't get the impression from reading the article's headline and subhead, which reads nothing like the context of the article itself:

Homosexual lifestyle has another danger: Steroids

Homosexual teenagers are destroying their future to appear appealing to other homosexuals.

 Other than the misleading headline, One News Now nearly posted an unbiased article on lgbts.  What is this world coming to?

'NOM speaker publishes violent, pornographic novel while speaking against marriage equality' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Robert Oscar Lopez
“Lust, Intrigue, And Terrorism… Latino Style”: Robert Oscar Lopez Wrote Another Bizarre Gay Erotica Novel - A huge scandal just waiting to happen. Last week, anti-gay speaker and continuous attacker of same-sex families Robert Oscar Lopez spoke at a NOM rally against marriage equality in Utah. THIS WEEK, Equality Matters just learned that he recently published a violent pornographic novel, The Melville Affair, in which one of the characters has an "elastic anus." My eyes literally popped in my head when I read one of the scenes this novel entails:
Many of The Melville Affair’s sex scenes are non-consensual. Dodson is drugged and raped by strangers at sex parties and even by Austan’s close friend. After Carmela and Dodson’s attacks, a female character is gang raped and then killed by interrogators. Another character is forced to watch his wife be raped and impregnated by her own gay brother at gunpoint until he confesses his knowledge of the terrorist attacks. And in a scene that highlights Lopez’s twisted fascination with gay rape, three male friends – all heterosexual – are forced by their interrogators to rape each other until they confess to being terrorists. The lead interrogator calls off the experiment once he realizes that the men are actually enjoying raping each other.
I am not a psychiatrist but is someone trying to exercise personal demons?

One Million Moms Responds To Lesbian Couple On Disney Channel's 'Good Luck Charlie' - And what are other anti-gay groups saying about this? Why nothing because some of them are too busy raising hell with the Disney Channel for (gasp and swoon) having the nerve to show a normal lesbian couple.  

Tony Perkins Rails Against Disney For Including Same-Sex Couple On 'Good Luck Charlie' - Second verse. Same as the first.

  9 States With Anti-Gay Laws That Aren’t That Different From Russia’s - Yes this is spooky.  

Activists occupy Idaho Senate entrances to protest lack of LGBT protections - While this isn't my cup of tea, I certainly admire the group for taking action.

Fifty famous lgbts of color they don't tell you about

I ran this video some time ago, but this morning I say what the hell, run it again. I always like to brag about my people, especially during Black History Month.