Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Christopher Rufo running a homophobic, 'anti-woke' shell game. Expose his hype

Christopher Rufo

Well today, we saw how the insurance company State Farm got bullied into abandoning a very good project of educating kids about the trans community.  

 From LGBTQNation:

 State Farm, the insurance company, was going to partner with the GenderCool Project to help give LGBTQ books to schools, community center, and libraries. But in an email to employees, the insurance company canceled the partnership, saying that “conversations about gender and identity should happen at home with parents,” echoing language used to support Don’t Say Gay bills. In January, State Farm emailed employees about the small partnership, which was going to involve six agents in Florida giving some books to organizations in their community, part of a nationwide program involving 550 employees. 

 . . . One of the books is entitled A Kids Book about Being Inclusive. Its online description says: “Being inclusive is a choice we can make every day! Being inclusive means reaching out to and welcoming all people and everything that makes them who they are. When we learn to see the beauty in our differences, we can embrace the rich, diverse, and amazing world we live in together!” 

 The anodyne nature of the books didn’t stop the well-connected anti-LGBTQ activist Chaya Raichik of the notoriously hateful Libs of TikTok account from saying that State Farm “is working to fill schools with books on kids becoming trans and non-binary,” leading to an outcry against State Farm. Now State Farm has pulled out of the partnership. In another email to employees, Chief Diversity Officer Victor Terry said that the partnership with the GenderCool Project is over. 

 The 'groomer indoctrination' card strikes again. And conservatives have been practically wetting themselves over State Farm's change in attitude. Like this guy:

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