Sunday, May 23, 2021

'Pride Month Song' sketch by SNL is wicked and hilarious, but never insulting to LGBTQ people

 Here is a frivolous Sunday post to ease us into the week before Memorial Day weekend. It could be a good week for LGBTQ people or not. Regardless, I hope this post puts a smile on your face and laughter in your heart as we do what we always need to do to take care of business. 

On Saturday night, SNL ran what I think was a groundbreaking sketch about the return of gay pride celebrations after last year's halt because of COVID. I found the sketch to be funny, so much so that I was still laughing minutes after it was over. Historically, it was also wonderful on two points. 

A sketch poking fun at an LGBTQ subject featuring three out cast members (Kate McKinnon, Punkie Johnson, and Bowen Yang) and the musical guest performer of the week who is also out (Lil Nas X) is something I never thought I would ever see. It's certainly a long way from Eddie Murphy's portrayal of  Richard Simmons in the 80s. Delightful, too. Most importantly, the sketch was funny without  portraying LGBTQ people as jokes. It's a big reason why diversity is so important. No offense, but I doubt this sketch could have been as astute if it were written solely by heterosexuals.