Monday, April 15, 2013

'Anti-gay British teacher banned indefinitely' and other Monday midday news briefs

Teacher who told teens being gay is ‘disgusting’ is banned indefinitely - Religious beliefs my foot! You DO NOT tell a child, particularly a potential lgbt child this. It has nothing to do with religious beliefs!

 NOM launching an International Organization For Marriage; France connections run deep - Well this is interesting. They are losing here so why not start with the help of a place where those against marriage equality are getting violent. 

French Opponents Of Marriage Equality Promise Retaliatory Violence - Speaking of which . . .  

Yet Another Fail For Porno Pete - Poor Porno Pete. He just can't get a break.  

Right-Wing Media Horrified That Non-Discrimination Laws Protect Gay People - Gasp and swoon! Why that would mean that gays are . . . people!

GLSEN turns tables on 'Day of Silence' opponent

With GLSEN's Day of Silence fast approaching, religious right spokespeople and organizations continue their unsuccessful annual ritual of discrediting the event and the good that it does to bring attention to the bullying of lgbt youth.

However, this year, GLSEN has decided strike back with the above video which compares the words of a long-time Day of Silence opponent, Linda Harvey from Mission America, to the actual mission of Day of Silence.

It re-emphasizes the notion that sometimes your opponent does themselves harm by opening their mouths.