Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why is NOM playing a sick game on American families?

NOM wants us to ignore families like this one.

A reader of this blog made an excellent point when it come to the National Organization for Marriage's passive-aggressive and phony "defense of traditional marriage:"

Whether same sex marriage is legal or not, same sex couples are going to continue to form families and raise children. So how is denying these couples the right to marry going to be advantageous for their children? How exactly are they being "protected" by not allowing their parents to marry? Do they think these couples will suddenly all go out and find an opposite sex partner if denied the right to marry otherwise?

I get that they feel having a mother and a father together is the ideal situation for raising a child, but again, how is denying same sex parents the right to marry going to help the children they already have or will have?

Basically it's simple. When NOM talk about "protecting marriage," it's an ugly smokescreen. What exactly is this organization protecting and from what? The way NOM tells it, same-sex households raising children are not deserving of the same rights as heterosexual households.

And if they get those rights, then heterosexual households will suffer. So the best thing we should do is to ignore same-sex households AND their children. Not because ignoring them will make them go away, but because in the eyes of NOM and folks like Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, and Frank Schubert, these families and their children are so inferior that they don't matter.

But acknowledging these families won't cause heterosexual families to suffer because the two entities are not at war nor in any type of competition with each other. NOM may think of reasons via anecdotes and distorted stories, but these reasons are highly specious.

Ignoring same-sex families on the other hand, which NOM and its employees want us to do, will harm not only them, but their children. By ignoring these families we will deprive them of their voice and the protection they should receive, like all families who provide love and support should receive.

This simple fact begs the question:

If NOM is successful at "saving traditional marriage," then who will be there to protect families from NOM?

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'Majority of Mainers would vote for marriage equality' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

VIDEO: Maryland Equality Advocates Reach Out To Black Voters - Good move in their part: 

In other news:

POLL: 57 Percent Of Mainers Would Vote For Marriage Equality - Good news for now but remember this is BEFORE NOM's Frank Schubert pushes that "gay marriage will harm children" lie. Don't lose the momentum.

Fischer: Gays are Driven by a 'Dark, Venomous, Demonic Hatred' - I think we can all agree that Bryan Fischer is a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal.  

NOM, ActRight become *even more* extreme; meet Dr. Laurence White - Just in case you are wondering how low NOM can stoop . . .  

Priest in lesbian communion controversy no longer works with DC archdiocese - Sorry to sound so harsh but good riddance.

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Religious right flips out over comic book gay wedding (again)

When it comes to religious right groups, you have to hammer a point to get folks to realize just how off base and ridiculous they are with their so-called attempts to defend "Christian values."

Or to show their strange obsession with attacking the lgbtq community. From The Huffington Post:

The Florida Family Association, a conservative organization that says it's "defending American values," has set its sights on Marvel Comics and its parent company, Disney, for featuring the same-sex wedding of two of its heroes in "Astonishing X-Men" #51, according to Comic Book Resources.

"It is shameful that two companies like Marvel and Disney would deliberately create a superhero homosexual wedding for our children to embrace," the group wrote on its website.

"Astonishing X-Men" #51, which was released in June, features the marriage of Jean-Paul Beaubier, also known as Northstar, to his longtime boyfriend, Kyle.

The Florida Family Association is just one of a few religious right groups raising hell over this comic book wedding. Last month, I wrote a post talking about how strange it is for these groups and individuals to decry a simple gay wedding while turning a blind eye towards violence in comic books.

Well let's try a visual demonstration.

To the religious right, the following picture is evil and deserves much criticism:

While for some reason, one hears nary a peep from them when it comes to scenes like the following:

Perhaps if Northstar had invited polar bears to his wedding maybe religious right groups wouldn't object so much?

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