Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik named to Oklahoma school library board

Keep digging your hole, Chaya Raichik. The LGBTQ community can wait. We have patience.

The most bitter woman in America, arch-homophobe Chaya Raichik is infamous for peddling false accusations of grooming and child abuse against libraries, hospitals, and LGBTQ teachers. These accusations have allegedly led to bomb threats in several cities, including Oklahoma.

And that last part is very important for this blog post. 

According to NBC Out:

A far-right influencer who was accused of instigating bomb threats last year against a school library in Tulsa has been named an adviser to a state library committee, the head of the Oklahoma State Department of Education announced Tuesday. Chaya Raichik, who runs the incendiary Libs of TikTok social media accounts and is not an Oklahoma resident, was appointed to the state education department’s Library Media Advisory Committee. 

 “Chaya is on the front lines showing the world exactly what the radical left is all about — lowering standards, porn in schools, and pushing woke indoctrination on our kids,” State Superintendent Ryan Walters said in a statement. “Because of her work, families across the country know just what is going on in schools around the country.”

 Raichik’s Libs of TikTok accounts have more than 3 million combined followers on X and Instagram. Its content — which is often laced with bigoted rhetoric — generally singles out LGBTQ people, drag queens and their employers, and criticizes them for promoting diversity, inclusion and equity efforts. In addition to last year’s scare in Tulsa, posts by the account have preceded several bomb threats to schools, libraries and hospitals across the country in recent years. 

 Walters, who appointed Raichik for whatever reason (most likely publicity) is also infamous his far-right spin regarding the LGBTQ community.

 According to LGBTQ Nation

 Oklahoma’s superintendent of public schools Ryan Walters (R) has suggested that the Bible be taught in history classes. Walters has previously pushed the transphobic lie about schools providing litterboxes to students who identify as cats. He also recently referred to teachers’ unions as “terrorist organizations” and illegally tried to make rules banning LGBTQ+ books and transgender bathroom access in schools. 

 In a recent video, Walters said, “Oklahomans, we have a clear choice in front of us. When it comes to our schools, do we want the radical ideology in our classroom that pushes gender theory, that pushes graphic pornography in order to perform a social experiment on our kids?” 

 . . . “Real Americans know that we’ve got to support our kids by giving them a great understanding of our history,” Walters added. “Radical leftists and Biden administration, they would prefer to sexualize our kids.” 

On one hand, this is an absolutely stupid thing for Walters to do, even if it is par for the course for him. On the other hand, I'm interested in how far this will go before it blows up in his and Raichik's face. 

 And it will blow up.

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