Wednesday, December 30, 2015

'Anti-gay bakers play the victim while still raking in big bucks' & other Wed. midday news briefs

The tears, just like everything else the Kleins do, are sad lies.

Sweet Cakes Bakers Still Actively Fundraising, Cash Pouring In - So now things become more clear. Having been recently forced to pay the money they owe, anti-gay bakers Melissa and Aaron Klein, with a little help from the lying Fox News personality Todd Starnes, is using this new situation to raise even more money. They do this by implying that the state is seizing all the money they have (making sure to omit the obscenely large amount of money they have been given via donations by gullible folks.) Unless you are an actual Christian, one who dislikes all forms of deception; especially done in God's name, there is no need for anger. When people destroy the integrity of their own faith system, all you should do is observe and pity them.

Student Who Described Lesbians As “Perverse” In Essay Continues Legal Action Against University - Classic case of why I DESPISE concern trolling from fellow lgbts and allies when situations like this roll around. This originally sounded like a case in which an anti-gay student was done wrong. However, new details proved otherwise.  

Marriage Equality Almost Didn’t Happen: The Strange Tale Of How It All Started - In the future, we will all realize that there was not simply just ONE factor which made marriage equality a reality, but lots of incidents and small stories (a few which include me. Yeah, I said it.) This is merely one of them. We should take them all in.  

The Texas News Station That Helped Fuel The Year's Biggest Setback For LGBT Equality - This article proves that as 2016 rolls around, we need to take new and more aggressive forms in getting our stories out there AND annihilating the lies perpetrated against us. We can't count on the "conventional" media. We should already know to count on ourselves.