Thursday, July 22, 2021

Video: Fox News is killing Americans

Not necessarily an LGBTQ issue in itself, but this situation does involve our community. There has been a snag in our country overcoming this COVID pandemic and that snag is Fox News. Even though employees of that awful network have most likely been vaccinated, day after day they spin lies and fear stories against vaccination. This has been accurately pinpointed as one of the main reasons why it has been so difficult to get folks to do the right thing. And none of them care - not Tucker Carlson, not Laura Ingraham, not Rupert Murdoch, nor anyone else employed at that network.  To them, hurting the Biden Administration is more important than saving lives.

'Louisiana lawmakers fail to overturn veto of transgender ban' & other Thur midday news briefs

Louisiana lawmakers fail to overturn veto of transgender ban - BOOM! Another well-deserved victory for the transgender community. 

Hollywood heavyweights line up to mentor LGBTQ screenwriters - A wonderful idea courtesy of GLAAD. 

Pence's 'Political Career Over' as '24 GOP Presidential Nom Slips Away - For now. But keep an eye on that rascal. Politics changes all of the time. 

House resolution apologizes for treatment of LGBTQ troops, federal workers - It's a nice start but I would prefer passage of the Equality Act. 

22 LGBTQ athletes to cheer at the Tokyo Olympics - Good luck to them.