Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Racism in Columbia has me bummed out. Time to call The Boondocks

I interrupt the regularly scheduled takedown of the religious right to announce something.

I am bummed out.

News about that ridiculous racial slur painted on the wall of Columbia's City Hall reminds me again of how ugly things have gotten.

So I'm going to not post tonight and put up a couple of videos dealing with racism from one of my favorite shows, The Boondocks.

It may make you angry, it may make you laugh. But it will make you think (if you think it's funny, it's okay to laugh. I won't tell the NAACP):

(Editor's note - if you still want to see some really wacky religious right nuttery, check out this bit from about Linda Harvey)

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Racial slurs painted on Columbia City Hall and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Racial slur spray painted on side of City Hall - First Columbia pass gender-inclusive non-discrimination laws and now black folks think that they can run for public office. Just WHAT is this world coming to?

Don Belton Murdered - The black and gay community both loses a leading light thanks to a senseless murder.

Older gays hit by the blues - A problem that needs to be addressed.

Lawbreaking ‘Ex-Gay’ Mother’s Supporters Encourage Disappearance, Kidnapping - Unbelievable.

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Janet Jenkins/Lisa Miller custody case still not resolved despite judge's orders

The custody case between Janet Jenkins and Lisa Miller has taken an ugly turn.

From Religious Right Watch:

We've written a few posts in the past about the custody battle being waged between Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins, a Vermont couple who had a daughter together in 2002 but eventually separated and soon became locked in a custody fight after Miller moved to Virginia, became a Christian active in Jerry Falwell's church, and sought sole custody of their daughter, Isabella, with the representation of the Falwell-founded Liberty Counsel.

The fight has dragged on for years and earlier this month, a Vermont judge ordered Miller to transfer custody to Jenkins due to the fact that Miller had repeatedly refused to abide by court-ordered custody arrangements.

Miller was ordered to do so by Jan. 1, 2010, but it looks like that might not happen because nobody seems to know where Miller and Isabella are

For those not aware of this case, allow me to recap again.

I covered the following facts here and here:

When they were a couple, Miller and Jenkins decided to raise Isabella together.

When they split,  Miller agreed to let Jenkins have visitation rights. Jenkins was even paying child support.

Miller refused to allow Jenkins to have unsupervised time with Isabella, claiming that Jenkins was harming Isabella. The Virginia Child Protective Services investigated and found the charges to be false.

Since that time, the two have been in and out of court for years (with Miller keeping Isabella away from Jenkins) until the case finally reached its apex in November due to Miller's constant refusal to follow the law: