Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Homophobes rage at 'DuckTales' for featuring gay dads but can't do a thing about it

Some people are angry that the Disney cartoon 'DuckTales' featured gay dads in a recent episode. They can stay mad.

When it comes to noting and combating homophobia, I have a massive guilty pleasure. I sometimes like to read the comments on anti-LGBTQ websites. I don't necessarily see the comments as negative more than they are educational as to the mindsets of those who oppose us. And sometimes they are a pleasure to read.

For example, take the recent comments from the religious right website Lifesite News. Presently, the folks there are up in arms because a Disney cartoon, DuckTales had the temerity to include a simple fact that some children are being raised same-sex parents. Believe it or not, the article from the site is pretty much straight forward (except for a small part at the end.) It's the comments from readers which are a hoot. 

Raging, stomping, making threats, spinning conspiracies about plots to recruit children. They all emphasize the point that there is nothing more delicious than a bigot blowing smoke because he or she is unable to stop progress. Here are just a few. And I warn you, they aren't nice. (Editor's note - for the sake of veracity, I should tell you that I was banned from commenting on LifeSite news articles years ago.)

.... ohmygoodness, like - what is wrong with these people?! Can they just stop shoving LGBT nonsense on everybody's throats?! Leave the children alone for crying out loud!

Am I missing something? They portray a larger homosexual "duck" whose "companion" is a smaller "chicken" (having a beak and not a bill). This has got to be a play on older homosexual pedophiles, known as "chicken hawks", who prey on younger males.....there are people in Disney that are really perverted....

Why are they taking this show and adding gay peiple kids do not understand what gay means so why instroduce this leave our kids alone go abck to good family oridinted movies this is.leaning towards perversion we need clean movies for our kids this is just disgusting (Editor's note - I presented this comment exactly as it was written)

Normal is the way God made it to begin with. He didn't make Adam and Steve or Eve and Madam. Normal is the way your mom and dad got together to create you.

April 15, 2020: Actually, it's up to the parents and guardians of children to make sure they don't get exposed to such perversion...spread the word. Raise Awareness of Disney's alliance with perversion and urge parents to keep their children away. When that happens, maybe Disney will back away of partnering with those who would harm our children.

I'm so gayed out! I have been done with Disney for years and it looks like I haven't missed anything. Sick and twisted.

I actually believe we are being prepared for the coming of the antichrist who will be a homosexual. satan perverts everything he can about Jesus and that is who he plans to be seen as. The Messiah of Israel.

I'm guessing that these comments rightfully disturb you. However, it helps to remember that they are a sign that we are winning. Years ago,  no one would have dared to include same-sex parents in a spotlight, much less a children's cartoon. And now it's happened without so much as a whimper, that is except for some people who can't face the reality that same-sex families exist, we are raising very wonderful children, and that our community was never on the outside looking in.

The comments probably don't feel like a victory to some of us because we are still in the war. We are knee deep in the mud with battle cries ringing in our ears while debris is continuously flying overhead. But in the midst of it all, we are moving forward instead of backwards. Ignorance is giving up ground. We aren't. And that is what matters.