Monday, February 08, 2021

Bigoted activist Scott Lively attempts to 'explain' the origin of homosexuality. It's as comically bad as you would think.


Scott Lively

Based on 30 years of ministry fighting the LGBT agenda, I believe pederastic recruiting is the single greatest cause of male homosexual dysfunction – just as heterosexual male abuse of girls is the primary cause of lesbianism (both forms of predation being examples of dysfunctional male sexuality exacerbated by the societal abandonment of Judeo-Christian sexual ethics). That so many molested boys then embrace the "gay" identity without questioning its legitimacy only showcases the bird-like "imprint" power of sex-related brain chemistry in pubescent boys. In my view this is why God so harshly condemns male homosexuality from Genesis to Revelation, while discouraging lesbianism in just one verse (Romans 1:26). 

The moron behind this inanely humorous comment is long-time homophobe and failed anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively.  While many in the anti-LGBTQ industry have moved on from outright  and openly accusing gay men of "recruiting" children and other gross actions, Lively simply can't do without the "classics." I bet if you googled his name, you will also find him talking about all of the alleged intricacies of gay sex in a supposed disgusted manner.  

Not that I'm implying anything, mind you.

In this particular situation, Lively is exploiting a scandal with a Republican group, The Lincoln Project, to push the old and unfortunately more-undead-than-Jason Voorhees claim that us gay men simply live for hitting on young boys. Apparently we need them to "refreshen the ranks of our lifestyle."

I find it weird how people such as Lively get "gay agenda" memos but I have yet to get one since getting turned gay during that summer of 1983 when I viewed The Music Man on PBS three consecutive times.

Even though a few people still believe this drivel (as evidenced by the comments section under  Lively's post),  I don't feel the need to make an attempt to refute it. For one thing, one closeted gay guy making sad sexual solicitations to young guys does not mean you can draw a net of accusations on the entire community.

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