Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Anti-gay spokesman says those not going to Heaven should not have rights protected under law

Only an anti-gay spokesman (in this case, Gordon Klingenschmit. You'll be wanting to call him Gordon Klingen - it rhymes with "schmit" after hearing what he has to say) can move from a lie about ENDA to a slur about the transgender community to finally saying that people who aren't going to Heaven shouldn't have their rights protected under law all with a straight face.

Certainly Gordon doesn't represent the views of all Christians, but it would be nice for some of those moderate ones to stop allowing folks like him to dominate the conversation.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.

'Clay Aiken already slurred by possible Congressional opponent's campaign team' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Equality NC Responds to Anti-LGBT Ellmers' Statement on Aiken - This morning former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken announced his intention to run for Congress. And already his possible opponent - and present holder of the Congressional seat - Renee Ellmers’ campaign team makes a slur about his sexual orientation. Is that a record of what?
The debate is over when anti-LGBT activists compare LGBT families to slavery - Especially when said anti-lgbt activist is moonlighting as an author of violent pornography.

 How Piers Morgan Screwed Up His Interview With Transgender Advocate Janet Mock - Simple answer - he got exploitative and focused too much on her life before her transition. Transgender people are not circus freaks and they shouldn't be focused on because of what they "did" instead of who they are.

New ‘Ex-Gay’ Group With Same Tired Old Faces - Oh joy! Rapture! (heavy, heavy sarcasm implied).

Renew America Calls For Anti-Gay Secessionist Movement…Again - Instead of the states, why don't just a bunch of these folks leave. How about if I stand on shore wearing a long billowy white dress which whips in the wind while I wave at them with a white handkerchief. Will that make them leave?

Utah State Attorneys Argue Gay Marriage Puts Children At Risk - And here we go again. Do these folks EVER win in court with that antiquated argument?

Clay Aiken is running for Congress

Former American Idol contestant and openly gay Clay Aiken has just announced that he is running for Congress in the above video. When rumors surfaced about Aiken's possible run, some folks scratched their heads or rolled their eyes.

I say give the young man a chance. He may surprise you.