Sunday, March 21, 2021

Anti-transgender book called out for numerous errors months before author testified in front of Senate committee

Abigail Shrier's anti-transgender book was called out for numerous errors months before she testified before Congress against of the Equality Act.

In the world of the anti-LGBTQ propaganda, bad faith players are highly important. Bad faith players are legitimate researchers, physicians or journalists who have decided to lay their integrity on the altar of bigotry for either personal reasons or a high paycheck. 

They come out with junk science studies, cherry-picked works or books which denounce LGBTQ people. They then become hyped by the religious right and conservatives until - and this always happens - their work and motives are legitimately questioned and it is discovered that they have not been altogether honest in their claims and research.

In the 80s and 90s, LGBTQ people had to deal with  researcher Paul Cameron, who made an infamous name for himself via his now highly discredited studies. During the marriage equality fight of the mid 2000's, there was Mark Regenrus attempting to pass off his bad work as legitimate in a sad last ditch effort to make the case against marriage equality.

And now while we are knee deep in attacks on the transgender community via bad legislation, a new bad faith player has taken centerstage.

Abigail Shrier.