Sunday, February 11, 2018

'Evangelical' publication omits latest Trump scandal to talk about 'transgender programming'

'Evangelical publication too busy reporting on 'transgender programming' instead of covering Trump Administration's latest scandal.

While the Trump Administration continues to be embroiled with controversies involving Russia, domestic violence, staff members not receiving security clearances, memos, (have I left anything out), its allies on the evangelical right are conveniently ignoring speaking out on these things.

Instead, they are either being silent, propping Trump up on other issues, or going off the deep end like this article in the American Family Association's One News Now demonstrates:

Public schools are programming children to align their way of thinking to the LGBT’s transgender ideology, argues one propaganda expert, who formerly served as an intelligence professional. 
Stella Morabito, who is a historian of the Soviet Union, issued a warning at Family Research Council’s (FRC) office in Washington, D.C., that public education in the United States is beginning to implement an LGBT propaganda agenda that is geared to demolish free thinking and force students to embrace its politically correct gender worldview. 
"Social and emotional learning is becoming all the rage in the public education policy realm, and if left unchecked, it will result in a monolithic, nationalized mandate demanding conformity to the politically correct dogma of the day,” Morabito alerted attendees at FRC on Tuesday, according to The Christian Post (CP). “In other words, it is a massive state-sponsored propaganda operation intended to isolate and control people, including kids, about how to feel and relate to people.” 
She was referring to a strategic progressive operation orchestrated by an organization known as CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning), which uses various materials and processes to indoctrinate children into its mode of thinking. 
 . . . “[CASEL activists] say it is because [transgender indoctrination] is the only way children will acquire ‘life skills’ and children, who are bound to become ‘self-directed,’ are ‘crying out’ for this, noting that data show that approximately 40 percent are ‘chronically disengaged’ in school.” CP reported. “CASEL's curriculum is being implemented in certain places in the U.S. – especially in urban areas.” 
Morabito emphasized how the pro-LGBT training is nothing short of state-enforced social propaganda.

The article continues on like this, heaping the steaming helpings of conspiratorial bullshyte like it's the only food for folks in a famine. It would hilarious except for the fact that some people, driven by their so-called religious beliefs and personal prejudices, actually believe this mess.

Like all other conspiracies about the LGBTQ community driven by the religious right, this one has the same characteristics:

1. The conspiracies almost always imply that LGBTQs are out to "recruit" children.

2. The conspiracies are spun rather well except for a deliberate vagueness in terms their origins or specific players involved. In other words, the organizers are always grouped in depersonalized hordes and there is hardly ever any background given to the so-called plot or who the specific players may be. The conspiracies are geared to exploit people's personal prejudices and fears.

Oh well. This is nothing more than another "receipt" on those groups and individuals who have anointed Trump as Christianity's savior while ignoring all of the evidence which puts him on the "opposite side."