Tuesday, April 10, 2018

AT&T 'This is Me' commercial is a wonderful statement on being your queer self

This AT&T LGBTQ-inclusive commercial about being proud of yourself is easily one of the best things I've seen in a while. Now I know there are some concern trolls who will whine about having such commercials supposedly shoved in their faces.

 Get over it.

We got our LGBTQ children to think about and the more positive images they see of themselves, the better. Secondly, and maybe not of equal importance, but still important, if I can get over not being able to have a decent relationship in high school and college because of societal homophobia, you can get over a few LGBTQ-themed commercials.

'Family Research Council backs activist's claim that gays are trying to 'rape the minds' of children' & other Tue midday news briefs

This above tweet by the Family Research Council makes this sound like a noble effort. But look to the first article below to remind yourself of what it actually is - yet another version of the "gays want to recruit children" lie.

Activist Mommy claims LGBT groups ‘sneak into schools to rape the minds of our children’ - A way out there right-wing blogger called "Activist Mommy" is starting a movement attacking sex education in schools as well as the LGBTQ community. She claims that we are trying to "rape the minds of children." Now the Family Research Council and other anti-LGBTQ hate groups are piggybacking on her mess.  Notice the tactic here - they aren't that quick to outright accuse gays of trying to "recruit" children so they are piggybacking on someone else doing it while attempting to make her madness sound reasonable.  Don't laugh this off so quickly. It has the potential to damage our LGBTQ kids by preventing them from getting accurate sex education.

Brian Dodge Is on a Mission to Make America Understand Bisexuality - Much needed because bi-erasure and bi-stereotyping are real.

Sweet Home Alabama (and Georgia and Mississippi, Too) - Author and activist Khafre Abif helps young bi and gay black men address HIV in the Deep South — and in their own lives - Good because it's one of those issues which gets unconsciously swept away.

Pittsburgh blogger up for national GLAAD media award - Mega props to my friend Susan Kerr on her GLAAD Media Award nomination in the category of 'Outstanding Blog,' as well as the other nominees. All of them deserve to win.