Tuesday, December 20, 2016

'New study, same old anti-lgbt junk science' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Mark Regnerus is back with more fake science

Anti-gay researcher now tries to claim stigma doesn’t harm LGBT people - Another thing we have to watch for in the wake of Trump's election - anti-lgbt junk science carrying resonance in spite of the fact that it has been be refuted. The dupe of the marriage equality fight, Mark Regnerus is back and his new "research" is as bad as his earlier stuff. 

Homeless Charities Warn Of ‘Dramatic Rise’ In Number Of LGBT Youth Being Thrown Out Of Home - This awful and would be made worse by folks believing the junk science in the above news brief. Regnerus is saying this sort of thing doesn't contribute to negative health behaviors in lgbts.

 ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Fall For Each Other, Share Love On Instagram - I love this! They need to do a movie about this!  

People Are Loving This Bystander’s Pure Reaction To A Woman Proposing To Her Girlfriend - It's a wonderful photo because of the bystander's reaction. And it's a lesson to not let fear keep you from taking chances

Actual 'War on Christmas' is waged through fear & ignorance

Editor's note - Due to a doctor's appointment, today's news briefs will be postponed.

I tried to find something a bit comical on this 'War on Christmas' nonsense that the religious right and Fox News pulls every year about this time. Unfortunately, youtube is filled with videos which either hysterically scream about a 'War on Christmas' or throw out bizarre prophecies about Christmas and Armageddon.

And those last ones scare me.

So here is a video featuring a young man, Alex Meyers, who tells us the true history of the so-called War on Christmas: