Friday, April 05, 2013

Know Your LGBT History - Anita Bryant

Whether she meant to or not, former Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant winner and spokesperson for the Florida Citrus Commission became an icon in lgbt history after her controversial and successful campaign to repeal a pro-gay rights ordinance in Dade County, FL in 1977. She won the battle but lost the war. She had other victories in other states, but she also galvanized the gay rights movement big time. Subsequently, her career was ruined. However, her legacy still stings our community. It was the first time someone used the "gays are a public hazard, particularly to our children" argument to defeat pro-gay legislation. And it would not be the last. Bryant provided a blueprint to future generations of bigots and homophobes:



Now the following is a clip everyone seems to remember. Bryant was assaulted by a gay man who hit her in the face with a pie. I am NOT for this sort of behavior. I don't care how empowering it allegedly feels. And I am totally against anyone who feels that we should do this sort of thing now (hello those who remember that stupid idea of throwing glitter on people). In the fight for equality, we should never stoop to levels which make us look like rabid dogs:


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