Friday, February 26, 2016

'Survey refutes lie about African-American 'homophobia'' & other Fri midday news briefs

New Survey Debunks The Myth Of Black Homophobia - This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. The false notion that African-Americans are more likely to be homophobic serves to cripple our overall struggle for equality and comradeship because it accentuates the inaccuracy that the lgbt identity is solely a recently created Caucasian construct. The truth is that the lgbt community is a worldwide multi-racial group of people of all ages, social stratas who have been present in all eras of history. Our struggle for equality and dignity did not start at Stonewall or America itself. We have a rich history across so many parameters of the human existence from the beginning of time. 

No, LGBT People Aren't Exempt from Donald Trump's Blatant Bigotry - Wonderful! I WAS beginning to feel left out.  (that, of course, was sarcasm)

Washington State Anti-LGBT Group Launches Campaign To Repeal Non-Discrimination Protections - And I hope I don't have to tell you what group they are targeting. Okay, I will. Our transgender brothers and sisters.  

Walid Shoebat Continues To Attack Anti-Gay Activists Who Criticized His Son's Extremist Anti-Gay Views - Generally when anti-lgbt activists feud with each other, I enjoy shining the light on it. But this is just damn disgusting. Read if you want.  

Religious Freedom Bills Surge After Last Year’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling - Gird your loins, brothers and sisters. But don't get discouraged. Equality is worth fighting for and you really didn't think those who oppose us wouldn't put up a fight, did you? Snatch your earrings off, wrap up your hair, put the vaseline on your faces, take off your good shoes, and prepare to fight (not with violence, of course. I am speaking symbolically). We are going to win. The first rule though is not to give in to discouragement or fear.

Exposing the ugly truth about religious liberty laws

I received the following from the group All Out via email asking me to sign a petition against Georgia's awful anti-lgbt religious liberty bill that the state Senate just passed.

I was very impressed how All Out simplified what these "religious liberty" bills actually mean:

To sign the petition and learn more about All Out, Click here