Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wounded Children - a tract too homophobic for even Chick Publications

Believe it or not, there is a level of anti-gay too extreme for Chick Publications.

Supposedly there was a tract called Wounded Children that was recalled years ago. Wounded Children supposedly tells the story of how a child becomes gay and is "made a victim of the gay lifestyle."

Because it was recalled,  I couldn't find anything on the Chick Publications site.

HOWEVER, through the magic of youtube, I found a copy of Wounded Children along with verbal accompaniment:

Now if this is too boring for you, then the following video is right up your alley. It is an adaptation of Wounded Children presented exactly as it was from the tract, accept for minor changes:

Editor's note: There is a part two but unfortunately the sound has been disabled due to copyright.

It's a real shame, too. I was dying to see how this story would turn out.

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