Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Breaking - Washington State senate passes marriage equality bill!!

The Washington state Senate just made history by passing a law allowing same-sex couples to marry by a vote of 28-21 in the Senate after a long session in which opponents tried to undermine the vote with several bills, many which failed, including one to allow business to discriminate against same-sex couples and another to put it up for a vote in November.

The bill now goes to the House where it is guaranteed to pass.

This is an excellent victory. But the game isn't over yet even after the governor signs it. No doubt opponents will start a petition drive to repeal this law.

And we still have the situations in New Hampshire and Maryland to deal with.

In New Hampshire, the legislature there may vote to repeal its marriage equality law. The governor there said he would veto this bill and there may or may not be enough votes to override the veto there.

In Maryland, there is another attempt to pass a law for marriage equality and just like last year when the attempt failed, the vote will be close.

Still for now, let's rejoice in this. Slowly but surely the arc of justice does bend our way.

For more in-depth details from the Associated Press, go here.

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Awesome anti-bullying commercial to run during the Superbowl

Credit GLSEN (The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) for this awesome commercial that will be run during the Superbowl on Sunday:

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'Remember martyred activist David Kato' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Last year around this time, gay Ugandan activist David Kato was brutally murdered. We need to remember this awful incident as well as the fact that our struggle for equality is also that of one for survival:

In other news:

Bullied gay teen's suicide note: Insight on EricJames Borges' tragic death at age 19 - This note will break your heart and the saddest thing? The people who should really be reading the note probably won't and won't care about it.

NOM Promises To "Reward" Anti-Equality Legislators After Accusing Gay Activists Of Buying Votes - It speaks for itself about hypocrisy, don't it?

Macy’s Under Attack for Catalogue Cover Featuring Same-Sex Couple Atop Wedding Cake
- Cause you know lgbtqs really don't want to get married (snark)

Stephen Bennett's new lifestyle choice: Coming to a web near you - Professional "ex-gay" Stephen Bennett is back. I guess he misses the money he used to make with this gig.

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Cannibalism, Satan, and Drag Queens - Homophobia rots your brain

So many folks testified yesterday for and against marriage equality in Maryland, but without a doubt, this guy wins the prize for . . . somebody please help me out in naming what prize this man gets! He is Minister Leroy Swailes and simply put, he is crazy.

He tries to cite the Bible but is wrong, wrong, wrong in his claims about gays in the Bible.

And I haven't even talked about his strange connection to Satan, the eating of children, dragons, and drag queens.

But he does make a good argument for marriage equality in talking about Washington, D.C.'s economy.

Just listen. His testimony isn't long. Just please listen. But don't listen while eating or drinking anything.

Hat tip to

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