Tuesday, April 28, 2020

'ICE being sued for holding trans migrants in COVID-19 'death traps' & other Wed midday news briefs

ICE faces class action lawsuit for holding transgender migrants in COVID-19 “death traps” - I have very few f@ks to give lately so I say "take all of the money!"

LGBTQ groups seek safeguards against COVID-19 discrimination - Cause goodness knows we would be in danger without them. 

Doctor stripped of license during pandemic over sexist & anti-LGBTQ social media posts - See response in first item. Some changes but sentiment still the same.

'Congratulations' to Donald Trump for making America 'first in the world'

Based upon this above video, Donald Trump used the coronavirus pandemic to make America first in several things. And based on the video below, he so humble, he refuses to take "credit" for it. But he would like if folks showed some appreciation for all of his "work"

Just think, with his homophobic point man Roger Severino guiding in an attempt to remove LGBTQ health protections, Trump could make LGBTQ people specifically first in the some of the same categories. So much damn winning. And yes for the people in the back, that was sarcasm.