Monday, May 24, 2010

Ugandan anti-gay bill documentary has Scott Lively playing defense

Wednesday night, Current TV’s Vanguard series will be talking about the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill in a documentary that, if it's as powerful as its trailer, needs to be seen, sent to members of Congress, all of the media, lgbt included, and remembered for posterity.

The press release is as follows:


Episode Chronicles Increasing Strength of Anti-Gay Movement in Uganda, and the American Influence on Uganda’s Laws and Attitudes

New Bill Would Increase Penalties Against Homosexuality, Make Homosexuality Punishable by Imprisonment or Death

LOS ANGELES – May 21, 2010 — The fourth season of Current TV’s Vanguard continues with “Missionaries of Hate,” premiering Wednesday, May 26 at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. Correspondent Mariana van Zeller travels to Uganda to delve into reasons behind the increasing strength of anti-gay sentiment spreading throughout the country, which prompted the creation of a proposed law that would severely increase penalties against homosexuality, making the practice punishable by imprisonment or death.

“Missionaries of Hate” explores the impact American Evangelicals have had on the movement, and features exclusive video of American Evangelical Lou Engle’s visit to Uganda on May 2 to support the major backers of the proposed legislation. Mariana van Zeller also interviews Pastor Martin Ssempa, one of the most famous religious leaders in Uganda and an anti-gay crusader, whose preaching methods include showing gay pornography in church. She also talks to Ugandan citizens (both gay and straight) about their feelings on homosexuality, the new proposed law, and the effect it will have on their lives.

It hasn't even aired yet and there is already speculation that it has Scott Lively, one of the people who led Uganda to consider this awful bill, trying to push up a defense. The following is from his webpage:


I’m looking for a good Christian media source to interview me on film on the Uganda issue for posting online. I intend to get off defense and counter-attack the false witnesses with hard facts about Uganda and the dishonest way the media has addressed the story. Please forward this to any pro-family journalists you know and ask them to contact me at

Personally  I want to see who takes up his request.

Based upon his past actions, I'm  curious to see who fits his definition of the word "pro-family."

Big hat tips to Truth Wins Out and Professor Warren Throckmorton.

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Sex scandal hits South Carolina governor's race and other Monday midday news briefs

 A vote is coming up on DADT. Here is what you can do (hat tip to Jeremy Hooper):

Step 1) Call the DC offices of each of your state's two Senators.
Step 2) Call the DC office of your district's federal Representative.
Step 3) Post a comment on this page letting [folks] know how it went:
Give 'Em Hell - Congressional Call Swarm for DADT

And in other news . . .

Source: Folks Admitted to Haley Affair a Year Ago - Nikki Haley WAS in the lead for the Republican nomination in the South Carolina gubernatorial race after that Sarah Palin endorsement. Amazing, this is the SAME state which won't allow gay marriage. Watch they blame this one on Obama.

Fine, social conservatives: Then we expect you to forfeit all religious protections by end of day - Homophobia makes people so stupid that they tend to cut their own throats.

The Family and Uganda's Anti-Gay Legislation - Another piece about how American homophobia is hurting lgbts in Uganda. And the most important part about it? How a seemingly innocent act by a U.S. legislator (and member of the right-wing group the Family) probably added to the conditions which led Uganda to consider passing that hateful bill. I haven't seen manipulation that skillful since Noah Cross in Chinatown.

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UK Times: Anti-gay laws in Africa are because of anti-gay Americans

A recent article by the UK Times underlines and emphasizes a point already made about the recent bunch of homophobic laws in Africa. They are because of American religious right figures:

After a 16-month investigation, during which he interviewed scores of witnesses in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria, Mr(Kapya)Kaoma (an Anglican priest from Zambia who is project director of Political Research Associates — a Massachusetts-based progressive think-tank) concluded that Africa’s anti-gay crackdowns are, at least in part, “made in the USA”.

“Through their extensive communications networks in Africa, social welfare projects, Bible schools and educational materials, US religious conservatives warn of the dangers of homosexuals, and present themselves as the true representatives of US evangelicalism,” he wrote in Globalising the Culture Wars: US Conservatives, African Churches and Homophobia, a damning report on the issue.

He told The Times: “We are not dismissing the fact that some of the money they send for Africa is going to good use. What we are concerned about is that the people who receive it are being trained in a conservative ideology. It will be like, ‘If I give you this, you must dance to my tune’.”

The results are becoming clear. In Malawi, where this week an openly gay couple were sentenced to 14 years in prison with hard labour, and across the continent, gays and lesbians face lives of increasing dread. It is hard to underplay the depth of anti-gay sentiment expressed in Africa. “Everyone is looking over their shoulders,” said Mwangi, a gay man from Nairobi, who did not want his family name published. “People don’t even want to come to this bar now because they know it has a reputation as a meeting place for gays. Before, no one gave a damn. Everyone came here, prostitutes, straights, the lot,” he said.

The article goes on with comments from anti-gays Scott Lively and Richard Cohen, who, in one form or another, ducks and dodges their homophobic influence in African nations.

The reason for me posting this piece is this: too often when points are made about the negative effects of homophobia, these points are left alone when they should be repeated continuously or drilled into everyone's consciousness if you will.

The fact of the matter is that self-righteous American homophobes are responsible for a lot of pain and hatred in African countries

And that's something we must never forget and make sure that no one else forgets either.

Also, something else has been nagging at me regarding this entire situation for a while now.

Just where in the hell has the African-American community been throughout all of this. I can't help but to compare this situation to when apartheid was prevalent in South Africa and there seemed to have been constant attention about it in the black community, especially the black media.

Unfortunately in this situation regarding African-on-African hatred fueled by white outsiders, there seems to be an omission of information. .

I think that's a real shame.

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